A Cognitive Linguistics View of Terminology and Specialized Language. Edited by Pamela Faber More information on A Cognitive Linguistics View of Terminology and Specialized Language

The LexiCon Research Group at the University of Granada has been doing research in Terminology, Lexical Semantics, Lexicography, Metaphor, Translation, and Specialized Knowledge Representation since 1994, within the context of the Lexical Grammar Model and Cognitive Linguistics. Over the last decade, the members of LexiCon have focused the design of specialized multilingual knowledge bases and ontologies, such as Oncoterm and EcoLexicon, which can be used as terminological and translation resources. These knowledge bases have been created using on a robust model of semantic analysis, based on the creation of lexical templates derived from corpus and dictionary analysis. The approach applied is known as Frame-Based Terminology. This application of this model has led to a wide range of publications, which show its usefulness in the analysis of specialized language and specialized knowledge representation. The members of LexiCon are also very active in knowledge transfer through research contracts with several institutions and companies. Results include the UGRTerm ongoing terminology resource at the University of Granada.